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Boils of burnt city blocks marred the flesh of Arcadia. Some toppled overpasses still smouldered, and a plume of smoke scrambled out of the burning gas lines. The city was pockmarked by explosion craters and seeping sinkholes. Ash-dusted mets worked hard on the perimeter of each disaster zone, trying to fix the earth and bring the inflammation of war under control. Bass salivated just looking at it.

There was no question as to why X had called for a diplomatic meeting sooner than scheduled, and why his new rules of court behaviour were more than ever preoccupied with the safety of the humans. But things still sat uncomfortably for Rock. He didn't like having to keep his group out of human culture, even if it was for their safety. It was as if X were expecting them to fight. He didn't want to fight. He hadn't come to deliver troops. This was an aid mission.


"Mmm, hexagonal columns and majestic thrones— I love what you've done with the place." Lumine gave a compliment as soon as his curtsey touched his knee to the floor before X's throne. He mostly meant it, too. The purple palace was in perfect taste for him.

X leant his cheek on a limp fist and sighed. This was going to be a long, long meeting. Mostly because Rock brought the entire family. He and Bass had never gotten along, and he and Lumine had, well, history. "Th-thanks."


"X! Are you all right?" Rock rushed over and immediately began brushing up the slivers of glass with his vest. With the bulky ceremonial garment off him, he looked younger than ever when compared to his little brother.

Little Brother X put his hand to his head again and ambled back to his throne. As soon as he sat down, holographic displays of Arcadia's maintenance popped up again to remind him of all the responsibilities that were ageing him by decades a day. Junk Man came over with his vacuum to help clean up the mess. Holding Rock's shoulder as a gentle encouragement, he freed Rock from the task. Rock followed X back to the throne, sucking in the worry from the blue lit screens into his eyes. X hated seeing him like that because it meant the Moon would only make things more complicated, as usual.

"X, please, trust us. We'll help you with the energy crisis, and if we can, we'll heal the damage caused by Heaven's Army too," Rock said. He wanted to touch his brother. He wanted to run up and hug X like he used to, even during the ELF wars. He looked so tired. That's why he needed a hug, and that was why he didn't want one. Rock knew X always held himself up to an inhumanly high standard that not even a reploid could reach. He took punishment for other people to absolve them of their sins with his own suffering. That was a habit he'd learned from Zero. Rock wished he hadn't.

[[Chapter 2 is up on A03.]]
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 The little plot bunny I've been talking on twitter and Skype. AND YES, I KNOW THIS WILL BE VERY CONTROVERSIAL WHEN POSTED.

All a Girl Ever Wanted
[Z/I, M or E rated, Introspection, One-shot]
1. Some flashes of Z/I sexual activities, with emphasis on how male-gazey they are. Dirty pics, Armored Zero / Naked Iris, Zero's lack of passion in acts like giving her head, emphasis on him groping her body instead of actual sensual embraces. tl;dr it's more about his dick on her body.
2. Flashforward to another sexual act, wherein Iris moans / screams, but she notices it's more performative than spontaneous.
3. At the HQ, she reminisces of her relationship with Zero: he's handsome, he's high-ranked, treats her well, gives her pretty gifts, the relationship gives her status, it's _all a reploid girl ever wanted_.
4. Iris walks into X and Zero discussing something, X's hand on Zero's shoulder. Both of them do look quite emotionally involved, looking at their faces. She greets them and asks what's going on, Zero replies with "It's a Hunter thing, you wouldn't understand."
5. While Iris does affirm in the narrative that she would never be jealous of X's and Zero's bond, she realizes that those close, emotionally-charged conversations never happened within her and Zero's relationship.
6. Feeling unfulfilled, Iris goes back to work. More introspection, she doesn't know what to do or expect. Unable to focus at wrk, she pays attention to the other female Navigators, some working, some chatting with each other. One of them, a blonde girl in pink that enters the room with a male officer (a rookie Alia with a lower-ranked Signas), grabs her attention.
7. Iris still can't focus on work, laying her head down on the console, Alia appears by her side with a Life Bottle, asking if she's OK.
8. Iris nods, and asks if Signas' her boyfriend. Alia denies, affirming that he's a friend who can catch up with her in some nerdy discussions. Iris gets interested, but says she wouldn't get it. Alia says she'll explain everything if asked.
9. Iris smiles, and realizes what to do and what she really wants.

This will be short, 2k words at most! I didn't write it because TIREDNESS. At least i was smart enough to make an outline to not forget the plot!
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I've been thinking lately... since they are robots, I was thinking about writing or showing more emphasis that they are robots. Even to maybe limiting even more what they can or cannot do and such. For funzies.

For one thing, would attachments be magnetized and such? If so, would there be shops like clothing shops for humans, only catered to reploids, for things like this? And for bigger things, they probably are capable of interchangeable parts, maybe it's easy to remove and re-install different limbs or parts of a limb?

That could explain why - for example - Alia's chest parts and headpieces change from game to game. Maybe the headset isn't permanently attached to her head, and the bun is just her hair rolled up into a tube? (I actually thought the yellow part was also some kind of material other than folded / rolled synthetic hair.) Also I always had this thing with whenever I RP Vile, sometimes he'd mention a collection of interchangeable heads. Plus, Zero's nice little gift to him in that one RP, rowbutt knows the one. *eyebrows*

Speaking of the kinky crowd, that would mean sexy add-ons or temporary replacements. Come on, Alia's 'boobjob' as well as Layer's in X8 could be an example, even though it's probably just because they felt like looking like that. 

I think they could probably wear human clothes, but what about stuff made specifically for reploids? Also what is that stuff even made of, PVC or some kind of cyber futuristic synthetic leather that is extremely stiff? Look at Cinnamon and Iris' dresses, especially Cinnamon's since she's shown sitting down in official art at one point. Where does that material end and the metal parts begin? Also that stuff is prolly made of space rocks like the metal part.

TL;DR - wouldn't it be cool to emphasize on how robotic reploid bodies are :V

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I'm in too deep and this is a terrible idea.

look i told you this was terrible

And honestly I think I should stop pretending this could be a standalone novel and just publish it as a fanfic on AO3 with the names all changed back.
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 EDIT: Ready to play! Here's the Play Code: 9QNR8

EDIT2: Can still add more if we wish.

Hey guys! We noticed that there are Mega Man Classic themed decks for the online Cards Against Humanity game, but there's no MMX themed one... so we all should work together to make one!
I'll put it together since I already had the website up as I write this and made / named the deck with some help. It's gonna be called Mavericks Against Humanity!
Card count: 24 calls / black cards, 73 responses / white cards

Black Cards:

_ is a thing I'm no longer allowed to do in Hunter HQ.
Palette's hair antennae are for _.
_! The cause of the entire situation!
Why did Vile go to jail? _.
What did X found in a Light Capsule? _.
Let's live together, in a world where _ exist!
Evolution requires _.
_? This must be the work of _!
I _ myself to _ myself.
In his heart, X knows his fate is to _ with Zero.
Repliforce's recruiting methods are consisted of _.
Iris, there's no _. It's just a fantasy!
Sigma became a Maverick after _.
Why must Reploids _ one another? I've had enough _.
Why did Vile go to jail? _.
What did X found in a Light Capsule? _.
The best maverick hunter? _.
_ (in his/her _).
In the year 21XX, _ was beginning.
Navigator _ is stuck with _ to guide.

White Cards:
Sigma's asschin
Zero, the not-so-secretly gay robot
X, the fashionista
Everyone's raging daddy issues
Dr. Light getting X a sweater for Christmas
Running away from work to the Sky Room
Zero's nightly fever dreams
X's raging daddy issues
Zero's raging daddy issues
Axl's raging daddy issues
Gate's fabulous cape
The custody battle over Axl
Red's resemblance to Zero
Axl, the jailbait reploid
That time when X had a higher voice than Iris
X4's A+ voice acting
Iris' fake Australian accent
The sound of X and zero's grunts in the training room
Vile's Ride Armor
Lumine's tentacles
Dynamo's suggestive devotion to Sigma
Spider's luck based attacks
Marino flirting with Cinnamon in the back row
Marino's kleptomania
Ridiculously huge Reploid hands and feet
Zero's face heel revolving door act in Command Mission
Alia's boobjob
Tentacle sex with Launch Octopus
Zero's weeaboo attacks
Navigator duty
Sigma's Zero blow up doll from X2
Dr. Cain's army of X knock offs
Zero's drunken one night stand with Storm Eagle
Dr. Cain's snail shaped life support chair
X4, the greatest love story of all time
X rock-solid bod
Axl's gun fetish
Vile's alcoholism
Layer's epic underboobs
Nacho flavored ultimate armor parts
Reploid hippie commune on the Moon
A space colony plot ripped-off from Gundam
Ferham's hartman hips
cinnamon, the little lesbian robot nurse
X's constant bitching
A classy date with Sigma
Wondering about X's hair under his helmet
Reploid homoeroticism
Toy scalping at Giga City
Retiring from the Maverick Hunters
X's fussiness with the color of his scarf
Lumine's lack of eyebrows
A naked, tied up, aroused Zero
Berkana and X's fun times at Laguz Island
Fondling Zero's booblights
Ferham's BDSM dungeon
Refuse to being interrogated and dooming your own troops
Ditching the armor and putting on a long blue dress
Zero's bishounen hair
the hologram of Dr. Light
maverick block party
armor upgrades
Another armor upgrade
In jail with Vile
Megaman X
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Perhaps you've heard of the 'hanky code', a flag signalling system used by gay men in the 70's (and somewhat still in use today, although deprecated) to signal sexual preferences? Well, deniisu and I sat down and kicked around the Reploid equivalent of this code, and after much discussion and careful analysis, we present to you our findings with an invitation for you to add additional colors. ;)

Call it a fun way to mindread the secret kinks of Reploids...

Black: S&M (general)
Blue (Dark): Anal sex
Blue (Light): Oral sex
Brown: Oil Play/(reploid guro?)
Greens: Hustler/prostitution
Grey (Dark shades): Bondage (general)
Silver/pale gray: Bottom
Orange: Anything goes
Purple (all shades): Dominant/Topping
Red: Violent desires/weapons play
Yellow/gold: Switch
White: Vanilla; virgin
Magenta: Time play
Pink: Toys and peripherals

We also add a huge asterisk for X's color changes. According to the Armor Code, X's color changes DO reflect inner mental changes based on the current active weapon data - for example, note that the highly destructive Storm Tornado may emphasize X's inner dominant streak. This is not to say that X's personality destabilizes or radically changes when he changes weapons, but rather that different aspects of his personality may be emphasized or diminished as the weapon data affects his system.

Oh and: the more of a color there is on the Reploid, the more that kink is enjoyed/represented. ;D By this code, Pimp!Sigma makes perfect sense in context with his color scheme. ;D
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What sort of headcanons do you have for MMX? What do you think the inner workings of the Maverick Hunter base and the Mavericks are? How about some NSFW headcanons? Post them here!

Here's some of mine:

The Maverick Hunter base is highly professional, but also a tight-nit and friendly environment. With what little we do get to see, it seems that some of the hunters and navigators aren't afraid to crack jokes and be jovial. Look at Signas, Axl, and Pallette for examples. Signas, while still being their boss, takes the time to encourage hunters and tell them a good job. Axl constantly cracks smug remarks to X and Zero while he's out hunting with them. Pallette seems to like to tease Layer and her crush on Zero while they're working. They seem to act as a sort of family despite keeping their attention on work.

The Maverick virus is a huge personality and mind changer. It strengthens, but also causes Reploids (among other robots) to lose control of themselves and become mindless and violent. This makes them easily coerced if not directly mind controlled. When Sigma got infected, his thoughts went immediately to controlling and killing since that's what he remembers before becoming Maverick, thus being the 'leader' because of it. However, it can be fought in different ways and not exactly be permanent. For example, I believe that it affects both X, Axl, and Zero in different ways. X is completely immune to becoming Maverick at the cost that he'll die permanently if he's infected too much. Zero gets stronger and stronger with it, but at the cost that he'll become Maverick if he gets too much of the virus. Axl can't become Maverick, but he'll get debilitatingly ill if he's infected.

Reploids are regulated harshly by the government. For example, when Reploids die, they stay dead because they're not allowed to be rebuilt unless a human fights for it. Only certain Reploids like X are allowed to be rebuilt. (And the only reason Sigma gets rebuilt is because of the Maverick virus affecting other Reploids to rebuild him illegally.)

(NSFW Warning)

Reploids (and other robots) have two ports for sex. One is on top of their groin where their penis is and the other is lower on their groan where a port that acts like a vagina/butt is. Only specialized Reploids and robots have one or the other or have human-like genitalia. So no matter whether they are android or gynoid, the majority of Reploids/robots have these ports.
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 One of the names for our little circle of writers on Skype is "Mega Man X Knitting/Sewing Circle". So here's some required reading:

p.s. this is shitpost thread
p.p.s we need to photoshop this
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 Because if I see another X acting like Superman or that uke from Okane Ga Nai, I gotta kill someone.

Just post here the characterization tropes that make you see red in the fandom, OK? I only ask you to not link to badfic here; and naming names only allowed if the thing is creepy / bigoted as fuck. Also, this time you don't need to be restricted to X series only 8D

Not commenting with mine here because tiredness and because I wanna see your stuff first :)
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I'm a writer/artist who needs music to help focus on my work. I'm sure there's some people like me to make playlists for specific characters/pairings they're writing. Well, I'd like to see some suggestions to help the writing flow! Post any character/pairing you need help making a playlist for or post a playlist you think could help people!

For me I need a playlist for Vile/Lumine. Here's what I have so far for their playlist:

New World Fool
The Carpal Tunnel of Love
Iron Will March
Winged Reploid (Revelation)
♪Shadow Queen♪
VS Vile
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 Title: Regency
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): Axl, Zero
Pairing(s): Axl x Zero
Rating: General
Word Count: 1554
Kink(s): Dress up, crossdressing, historical clothing / setting
Warnings: none
Summary: Axl convinces Zero to dress up like a princess for him. Abandoned work.
Notes: Set before X8, while Axl and Zero are still trying to get comfortable knowing each other, in this case intimately. Also, based on some RPs with a friend, where Zero is given the nickname ‘princess’ by Axl. There was more to it but I got real sick of this quick so... have some cute.

“You’re beautiful. I think it’ll suit you a lot.” The ex-assassin replied and then rolled up the regency dress after unfastening it, silently waiting for Zero to comply. )

 Ride Armor
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): Vile
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 734
Kink(s): Vehicles, naughty thoughts, power trip
Warnings: none
Summary: [Kink Bingo Amnesty: vehicular] Vile takes a ride in his gear, and then gets aroused.

Or maybe they would somehow eject him from his own gear, rip off his helmet in order to see the fear in his eyes? )

Title: Xiphium
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): X, Zero, Axl, OMC
Pairing(s): X / Zero, Axl / X / Zero
Rating: General
Word Count: 562
Feature(s): Robo / Cyber "Pregnancy", parenthood
Warnings: none
Summary: X and Zero find out that they can 'have children'.
Notes: Gift for mysterymuse.

But no one told them that the new spark of life would have to ‘incubate’ inside the core of either of them for that week. )

Title: Servitude
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): Alia, Gate
Pairing(s): Alia x Gate
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1612
Kink(s): Master / Servant, Femdom, Dom/Sub, Robots, Nipple Play, Nipple Piercings, Body Mods, Service, Submission
Warnings: none
Summary: [Kink Bingo Amnesty: service + nipple play] The only reason why Alia brought Gate back was to service her. Tonight, she rewards him for good behavior.
Notes: Gift for Deniisu. Gate’s body is partially soft, and his conduits more sensitive. For… obvious reasons. His arms, lower legs and part of his torso. He has short black hair.

“That’s right, just let it out.” She watches as her servant / assistant finish unbuttoning his coat and arches his back as she puts both hands on him again. )
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Just wanted to share my doodles. I tried to put some of them together and resized some. Also okay some of these aren't really drawings but dank memes and such but I still drew around the memes.

14 pics under the cut. )
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[Insert my old adage of this fandom being so high-strung that it stifled creativity and got trapped in the vicious circle of technically good artists only drawing game scene reenactments, canon-compliant fic, or worse: novelizations and how this accelerated the fandom death.]

So, stuff you want to see and stuff you want to burn in hell.

+ Silliness in general. Only in MMX I wish for things like coffeeshop AUS, movie night prompts, and those things that are often considered the bane of megafandoms. But I do cross the line at High School and Contemporary Mundane AUs, I'm trash but not THAT kind of trash.
+ Female character centered stuff that's not fap material to fanboys, even if it's not my focus at the moment. Alia (SCIENCE HERO) is cool! Marino is cool! But please don't use them for clichéd het romance, that, we already have too much.
+ Noblebright and positive what-ifs. Yup, MMX is a dark, dark canon even with the goofy animaloids and the neon-colored robots. But I always saw the darkness as a result of incompetence than just ~~fate~~. Make Dr. Light, Cain or even X marginally intelligent, the world changes for the better. Many of the darker stuff on the later games was pastede on yay, IMO.

- Novelizations. We're in 2015, we have the Wiki, we have Let's Plays. There's no need to masturbate your own ego on a 500k+ saga that basically retreads stuff that everyone knows. This kind of thing is the #1 source of fandom snobbery on the fandom-producing side.
- Grimdark. Bringing the dark stuff that's implied on the games isn't a bad thing by itself, the problem is that it has been done to death. Most of time, pastede on yay and with no nuance whatsoever. It does not look mature, guys — it SCREAMS 13-year-old boy posting at ff.net for the very first time. And in the great majority of cases, it cheapens the actual tragedy for shock value.
- Cataclysm theory, AKA "Zero killed everyone at the end of Classic" and the "gentler" variants like "Light family got murdered": NO. NO. CLOSE YOUR WORD DOCUMENT RIGHT NOW. DELETE YOUR FF.NET/AO3 ACCOUNT. LOWER YOUR HEAD. YOU DID IT WRONG.YOU FUCKED UP. GO LISTEN TO LINKIN PARK, KIDDO.

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Don't be shy. Post snippets or however much you want of your current WIPs as a reply to this post. Show off your progress or get help with a stuck spot.

Let us know if you want feedback comments on it - if not just put the title and Not Ready For Commenting in the subject line. :)
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 While I know it was traditional for the first real thread to be a freeform RP one, I'll leave this one for introductions, since many of our Tumblr profiles are too vague to carry on an conversation. You don't need to follow the form rigidly, add or remove stuff as you like it.

Nickname(s): Deniisu, Lanzelotti
Location: Brazil
Age: will be 26 in August 10
MMX fan since: late 2001
First MMX game played: X5
Favorite game: X1
Favorite character: X
Does/wants to do: fanfic, RP, headcanons, some stuff i don't know if it fits as meta or as ordinary ranting. I can draw but I'm not very good at it.
OTP: X/Zero, with X/Zero/Axl for OT3
Tumblr: deniisu.tumblr.com
AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Lanzelotti
FF.net: I have an account named as Deniisu, but there's nothing there
Twitter: @deniisu, but I rarely post
Skype: electric.deniisu
Random stuff: This account is actually my RP account, but I'm too lazy to create a sock mail for a different username. Also, I'm that kind of fan who posts crack everywhere but sometimes a serious headcanon/meta arises (my "X has a OS kernel that upgrades itself really fast" post got some visibility). I'm not the one for grimdark and novelizations, preferring lighter and fresher material. My only posted fic, Maid.doc, is quite comedic, and one of the WIPs I'm currently working is a Noblebright AU in which Dr. Light knew about Zero, developed a fix, and the world is better because of it. Silly stuff like soft body, fancy clothes and scenarios, reploids eating human food, humanlike sex? I eat it with a spoon! And last, English is not my native language, so I often mess up things. Be considerate of that, please. :)


Jul. 22nd, 2015 10:20 pm
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 Since the fandom is quite small and most of us are not that young anymore, we'll keep it simple:
  1. Mods reserve the right to screen, freeze, delete and ban everything or everyone that breaks the rules. That said, we're lazy as hell, so if you want something to be taken care of quickly, put "MODS" on the thread title and we'll have a look;
  2. Don't be an asshole;
  3. Ship what you want, follow the fanon you want, but don't complain at us if we don't write things exactly how you want. Go write/draw/model more of your favorites instead (and drop a link here for us to see);
  4. Don't complain about readers not leaving comments in your work, don't threat to flounce if you don't have %x comments in your latest chapter, don't call the lurkers names. This fandom isn't big, things are hard for everyone, and we want to discuss MMX, not how the AO3 people are so mean when they kudos without commenting;
  5. No icons with stolen art. Everyone here can spot the style of Japanese and/or retired fanartists by a mile. If you got permission, fine, though;
  6. Depiction =/= endorsement. Just because someone links to their Sigma/X rape fic, it does not mean the writer thinks the content is totally healthy and sweet, OK?
  7. Nobody here cares if X or Zero is the strongest in a fight.
Any doubts, you can comment here and we'll answer.

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