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 Since the fandom is quite small and most of us are not that young anymore, we'll keep it simple:
  1. Mods reserve the right to screen, freeze, delete and ban everything or everyone that breaks the rules. That said, we're lazy as hell, so if you want something to be taken care of quickly, put "MODS" on the thread title and we'll have a look;
  2. Don't be an asshole;
  3. Ship what you want, follow the fanon you want, but don't complain at us if we don't write things exactly how you want. Go write/draw/model more of your favorites instead (and drop a link here for us to see);
  4. Don't complain about readers not leaving comments in your work, don't threat to flounce if you don't have %x comments in your latest chapter, don't call the lurkers names. This fandom isn't big, things are hard for everyone, and we want to discuss MMX, not how the AO3 people are so mean when they kudos without commenting;
  5. No icons with stolen art. Everyone here can spot the style of Japanese and/or retired fanartists by a mile. If you got permission, fine, though;
  6. Depiction =/= endorsement. Just because someone links to their Sigma/X rape fic, it does not mean the writer thinks the content is totally healthy and sweet, OK?
  7. Nobody here cares if X or Zero is the strongest in a fight.
Any doubts, you can comment here and we'll answer.


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