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 The little plot bunny I've been talking on twitter and Skype. AND YES, I KNOW THIS WILL BE VERY CONTROVERSIAL WHEN POSTED.

All a Girl Ever Wanted
[Z/I, M or E rated, Introspection, One-shot]
1. Some flashes of Z/I sexual activities, with emphasis on how male-gazey they are. Dirty pics, Armored Zero / Naked Iris, Zero's lack of passion in acts like giving her head, emphasis on him groping her body instead of actual sensual embraces. tl;dr it's more about his dick on her body.
2. Flashforward to another sexual act, wherein Iris moans / screams, but she notices it's more performative than spontaneous.
3. At the HQ, she reminisces of her relationship with Zero: he's handsome, he's high-ranked, treats her well, gives her pretty gifts, the relationship gives her status, it's _all a reploid girl ever wanted_.
4. Iris walks into X and Zero discussing something, X's hand on Zero's shoulder. Both of them do look quite emotionally involved, looking at their faces. She greets them and asks what's going on, Zero replies with "It's a Hunter thing, you wouldn't understand."
5. While Iris does affirm in the narrative that she would never be jealous of X's and Zero's bond, she realizes that those close, emotionally-charged conversations never happened within her and Zero's relationship.
6. Feeling unfulfilled, Iris goes back to work. More introspection, she doesn't know what to do or expect. Unable to focus at wrk, she pays attention to the other female Navigators, some working, some chatting with each other. One of them, a blonde girl in pink that enters the room with a male officer (a rookie Alia with a lower-ranked Signas), grabs her attention.
7. Iris still can't focus on work, laying her head down on the console, Alia appears by her side with a Life Bottle, asking if she's OK.
8. Iris nods, and asks if Signas' her boyfriend. Alia denies, affirming that he's a friend who can catch up with her in some nerdy discussions. Iris gets interested, but says she wouldn't get it. Alia says she'll explain everything if asked.
9. Iris smiles, and realizes what to do and what she really wants.

This will be short, 2k words at most! I didn't write it because TIREDNESS. At least i was smart enough to make an outline to not forget the plot!
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I'm in too deep and this is a terrible idea.

look i told you this was terrible

And honestly I think I should stop pretending this could be a standalone novel and just publish it as a fanfic on AO3 with the names all changed back.
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 Title: Regency
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): Axl, Zero
Pairing(s): Axl x Zero
Rating: General
Word Count: 1554
Kink(s): Dress up, crossdressing, historical clothing / setting
Warnings: none
Summary: Axl convinces Zero to dress up like a princess for him. Abandoned work.
Notes: Set before X8, while Axl and Zero are still trying to get comfortable knowing each other, in this case intimately. Also, based on some RPs with a friend, where Zero is given the nickname ‘princess’ by Axl. There was more to it but I got real sick of this quick so... have some cute.

“You’re beautiful. I think it’ll suit you a lot.” The ex-assassin replied and then rolled up the regency dress after unfastening it, silently waiting for Zero to comply. )

 Ride Armor
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): Vile
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 734
Kink(s): Vehicles, naughty thoughts, power trip
Warnings: none
Summary: [Kink Bingo Amnesty: vehicular] Vile takes a ride in his gear, and then gets aroused.

Or maybe they would somehow eject him from his own gear, rip off his helmet in order to see the fear in his eyes? )

Title: Xiphium
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): X, Zero, Axl, OMC
Pairing(s): X / Zero, Axl / X / Zero
Rating: General
Word Count: 562
Feature(s): Robo / Cyber "Pregnancy", parenthood
Warnings: none
Summary: X and Zero find out that they can 'have children'.
Notes: Gift for mysterymuse.

But no one told them that the new spark of life would have to ‘incubate’ inside the core of either of them for that week. )

Title: Servitude
Fandom(s): Mega Man X
Character(s): Alia, Gate
Pairing(s): Alia x Gate
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1612
Kink(s): Master / Servant, Femdom, Dom/Sub, Robots, Nipple Play, Nipple Piercings, Body Mods, Service, Submission
Warnings: none
Summary: [Kink Bingo Amnesty: service + nipple play] The only reason why Alia brought Gate back was to service her. Tonight, she rewards him for good behavior.
Notes: Gift for Deniisu. Gate’s body is partially soft, and his conduits more sensitive. For… obvious reasons. His arms, lower legs and part of his torso. He has short black hair.

“That’s right, just let it out.” She watches as her servant / assistant finish unbuttoning his coat and arches his back as she puts both hands on him again. )


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