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I've been thinking lately... since they are robots, I was thinking about writing or showing more emphasis that they are robots. Even to maybe limiting even more what they can or cannot do and such. For funzies.

For one thing, would attachments be magnetized and such? If so, would there be shops like clothing shops for humans, only catered to reploids, for things like this? And for bigger things, they probably are capable of interchangeable parts, maybe it's easy to remove and re-install different limbs or parts of a limb?

That could explain why - for example - Alia's chest parts and headpieces change from game to game. Maybe the headset isn't permanently attached to her head, and the bun is just her hair rolled up into a tube? (I actually thought the yellow part was also some kind of material other than folded / rolled synthetic hair.) Also I always had this thing with whenever I RP Vile, sometimes he'd mention a collection of interchangeable heads. Plus, Zero's nice little gift to him in that one RP, rowbutt knows the one. *eyebrows*

Speaking of the kinky crowd, that would mean sexy add-ons or temporary replacements. Come on, Alia's 'boobjob' as well as Layer's in X8 could be an example, even though it's probably just because they felt like looking like that. 

I think they could probably wear human clothes, but what about stuff made specifically for reploids? Also what is that stuff even made of, PVC or some kind of cyber futuristic synthetic leather that is extremely stiff? Look at Cinnamon and Iris' dresses, especially Cinnamon's since she's shown sitting down in official art at one point. Where does that material end and the metal parts begin? Also that stuff is prolly made of space rocks like the metal part.

TL;DR - wouldn't it be cool to emphasize on how robotic reploid bodies are :V

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 Because if I see another X acting like Superman or that uke from Okane Ga Nai, I gotta kill someone.

Just post here the characterization tropes that make you see red in the fandom, OK? I only ask you to not link to badfic here; and naming names only allowed if the thing is creepy / bigoted as fuck. Also, this time you don't need to be restricted to X series only 8D

Not commenting with mine here because tiredness and because I wanna see your stuff first :)
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[Insert my old adage of this fandom being so high-strung that it stifled creativity and got trapped in the vicious circle of technically good artists only drawing game scene reenactments, canon-compliant fic, or worse: novelizations and how this accelerated the fandom death.]

So, stuff you want to see and stuff you want to burn in hell.

+ Silliness in general. Only in MMX I wish for things like coffeeshop AUS, movie night prompts, and those things that are often considered the bane of megafandoms. But I do cross the line at High School and Contemporary Mundane AUs, I'm trash but not THAT kind of trash.
+ Female character centered stuff that's not fap material to fanboys, even if it's not my focus at the moment. Alia (SCIENCE HERO) is cool! Marino is cool! But please don't use them for clichéd het romance, that, we already have too much.
+ Noblebright and positive what-ifs. Yup, MMX is a dark, dark canon even with the goofy animaloids and the neon-colored robots. But I always saw the darkness as a result of incompetence than just ~~fate~~. Make Dr. Light, Cain or even X marginally intelligent, the world changes for the better. Many of the darker stuff on the later games was pastede on yay, IMO.

- Novelizations. We're in 2015, we have the Wiki, we have Let's Plays. There's no need to masturbate your own ego on a 500k+ saga that basically retreads stuff that everyone knows. This kind of thing is the #1 source of fandom snobbery on the fandom-producing side.
- Grimdark. Bringing the dark stuff that's implied on the games isn't a bad thing by itself, the problem is that it has been done to death. Most of time, pastede on yay and with no nuance whatsoever. It does not look mature, guys — it SCREAMS 13-year-old boy posting at ff.net for the very first time. And in the great majority of cases, it cheapens the actual tragedy for shock value.
- Cataclysm theory, AKA "Zero killed everyone at the end of Classic" and the "gentler" variants like "Light family got murdered": NO. NO. CLOSE YOUR WORD DOCUMENT RIGHT NOW. DELETE YOUR FF.NET/AO3 ACCOUNT. LOWER YOUR HEAD. YOU DID IT WRONG.YOU FUCKED UP. GO LISTEN TO LINKIN PARK, KIDDO.


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