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What sort of headcanons do you have for MMX? What do you think the inner workings of the Maverick Hunter base and the Mavericks are? How about some NSFW headcanons? Post them here!

Here's some of mine:

The Maverick Hunter base is highly professional, but also a tight-nit and friendly environment. With what little we do get to see, it seems that some of the hunters and navigators aren't afraid to crack jokes and be jovial. Look at Signas, Axl, and Pallette for examples. Signas, while still being their boss, takes the time to encourage hunters and tell them a good job. Axl constantly cracks smug remarks to X and Zero while he's out hunting with them. Pallette seems to like to tease Layer and her crush on Zero while they're working. They seem to act as a sort of family despite keeping their attention on work.

The Maverick virus is a huge personality and mind changer. It strengthens, but also causes Reploids (among other robots) to lose control of themselves and become mindless and violent. This makes them easily coerced if not directly mind controlled. When Sigma got infected, his thoughts went immediately to controlling and killing since that's what he remembers before becoming Maverick, thus being the 'leader' because of it. However, it can be fought in different ways and not exactly be permanent. For example, I believe that it affects both X, Axl, and Zero in different ways. X is completely immune to becoming Maverick at the cost that he'll die permanently if he's infected too much. Zero gets stronger and stronger with it, but at the cost that he'll become Maverick if he gets too much of the virus. Axl can't become Maverick, but he'll get debilitatingly ill if he's infected.

Reploids are regulated harshly by the government. For example, when Reploids die, they stay dead because they're not allowed to be rebuilt unless a human fights for it. Only certain Reploids like X are allowed to be rebuilt. (And the only reason Sigma gets rebuilt is because of the Maverick virus affecting other Reploids to rebuild him illegally.)

(NSFW Warning)

Reploids (and other robots) have two ports for sex. One is on top of their groin where their penis is and the other is lower on their groan where a port that acts like a vagina/butt is. Only specialized Reploids and robots have one or the other or have human-like genitalia. So no matter whether they are android or gynoid, the majority of Reploids/robots have these ports.

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Date: 2015-08-01 09:35 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Robot DNA: Introduced in the late X series, we are shown that X, Zero, even simple mechaniloids have DNA. Therefore it seems a safe bet that classic series robots also have something resembling "DNA" programs in them. In the ZX series, humans and reploids have machine bodies and lifespans, and we are told the differences between the two species are negligible in an everyday sense. They seem fully able to have families together as well, and both humans and reploids are capable of being transformed into cyber elves. It is plausible then for the sake of inter-breeding that some manner of human DNA and reploid DNA conversion has been developed, and that machine-body organs have been developed for the purposes of sex and childbirth. In the Legends series, carbons which are extremely human-like beings far descended from reploids are shown to respond to sex both recreationally and reproductively and give birth in the standard human way. In Rockman Xover, all timelines and alternate dimensions of Mega Man literally cross over in a dimensional bubble nexus known as the X-Over world (cross-over world), where any character can meet any other character and all the technology across the distant universes can be shared and are integrated.

In summation: No matter what Mega Man character you are into, future technology canonically exists in the cross-over world that would allow you to have sex and make babies with it. (You're welcome.)

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Date: 2015-08-02 06:16 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] variable_x
Reploid DNA is an interesting stuff - we can see its first applications at Xtreme2, with Berkana stealing their DNA Souls to increase her power, plus DNA ressurrection (which is also a plot point in X6). The use of DNA to improving one's body can be easily seen as a predecessor to the A-Trans ability of Axl and the newgens. Berkana was working for Sigma and got addicted to power; that's there the "Mommy Berkana" theory, aka BERKANA HAD A HAND ON AXL'S CREATION came from.

I can see humanlike pregnancy on ZX+, but not on Zero series - Andrew did not have the ability to change his body to simulate aging, and there were no mention of descendants.

If you want REPLOID BABIES on the X series, I do believe they would not look like a human pregnancy - it would be more like Miel's Xiphium and Rowbutt's Strange Vagaries arc, with DNA merging in the form of software only, with the hardware built separately. They could simulate human sex, but the DNA transfer and hosting is a completely independent process - that means MPreg and FPreg with two gynoids would be 100% plausible - gender and frame type would not matter at all.

As for the X-Over thing, I'll use a lower-tech analogy: just because you can view / read PDF files, it does not mean you can print or edit PDFs. Sure, an average Reploid can have their DNA, but it does not mean it would be compatible with a Robot Master or they would be 100% compatible with humanlike pregnancy with a ZX hybrid or a carbon. Please pay attention to average reploid - X, Zero and Axl aren't average at all, same for newgens. Oldgens like the Repliforce peeps and the navis probably don't have their bellies growing while pregnant without body upgrades.

This also gives extra credence for Obfuscobble and Loconita's double-genitalia designs. You're welcome 8D /runs
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Date: 2015-08-03 12:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
For some reason I had this thought that robots who were made to be artificial incubators actually look like something that is the least bit humanoid. Like they might end up looking like a mobile (or imobile) metal womb jar thing. Mostly so that humans don't get weirded out or have to fight for rights with the robot, hahaha.

It's okay to have a pregnancy fetish headcanon though I don't really see this happening with robots before ZX time either.

Also I had figured that 'robot DNA' isn't really like ours, and is probably just a program and/or strings of code that contains the physical and mental specs of a reploid, so that if they have their soul / cyber elf / DNA that you can basically recreate that reploid perfectly if you wanted to. (though according to X6, apparently X and Zero are unable to be studied or copied and understood perfectly from what I can remember KEK)

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Date: 2015-08-03 04:46 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] variable_x
Well, it looks like your definition is closer to canon : http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/DNA_Soul

And Reploid incubators = creepy as fuck imo HAHAHAHA

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Date: 2015-08-03 04:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] variable_x
Oh, the double genitalia was more of ZX+ stuff. The hybrid babies need a way out from the carrier's belly, for those who prefer this kind of reproduction.

I'm with you as for reproduction headcanons. It's way less messy!


Date: 2015-08-01 03:42 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] obfuscobble
Reploids can communicate certain body status updates through "mechormones" (mechanical+hormone) which are small data packets that regulate the inner workings of their bod without them having to provide conscious thought to it, much like unconscious human digestion. Usually mechormones are internal and unnoticed by anyone including the user, but during times of stress or excitement, when very many messages of the same type are streaming down from the processor, the data packets cross a sensory threshold where other reploids can "smell" or "feel" them.

Because each data packet is tagged for its host body, the mechormones from one reploid cannot directly convey their command to another body. But that strenge feeling in the air, punctuated by anime electric shocks? The glow of bubbly joy when seeing your long lost partner free of the nightmare phenomena? That stank, possibly of hooba- proportions, when a whole bunch of reploids have been fighting or playing hard? The little tremor in the air that reaches a concerned friend before the other reploid begins to cry? Probably reploids smelling each other's mechormones. And no matter how humanoid or mechanical the reploid, since they're all based on X's design, the emotional conveyance of the mechormones is universal.

Occasionally, if the body-tags on the mechormones are very similar between reploids (especially mass produced ones where the internal tag may be just one bit off), or the sensing reploid's receiver firewall is lax enough, the mechormones from one reploid can actually send their signals to another. Contagious yawns ; a bored leg jitter or finger tap moving around hunter base ; feeling hungry even though you just refuelled because someone has been pulling an all-nighter ; troops falling into lock-step during training drills ; or even just immediately feeling a direct emotional empathy for your friend... all mechormones in unintended action.

Naturally, during intimate activities with a trusted partner (or two), the infectious scent of mechormones can become absolutely dangerous~ at least you can tell when they're having fun~
And so can people walking into the room after you, god dammit, I'm not paid enough to scrub the airwaves...

Anyway, I headcanon that emotional mechormones tend to linger in airspace longer than the direct body-movement ones which fizzle out quickly. Perhaps because the emotional ones have a communicative purpose, or because to instigate an emotion in the body and processor is an ongoing command unlike "lift your arm." (And after the arm is lifted, callipers simply lock it in place until another movement command is sent. Machines don't give a frag about gravity and natural human rest-states on tendons.)

I'm a bit more ambivalent as to whether Zero has full control and understanding of the mechormone system. If Wily cribbed him fully from X, he would. But if Wily was building him in isolation, Zero's command systems might use either a covergent-evolution into their own unique type of data packets that Wily devised, or he might just use direct commands requiring a more robust full-body neural network, or even have the ability to delegate actions to sub-processors like an octopus' arms function so that even if you cut off a limb it would keep attacking you until power runs out. Either way, if built in isolation, Zero would be completely cut out from the mechormone system. He'd have to rely on facial expression, body language, and context clues to read the mood or danger of another individual, bereft of the more direct connection that simply sensing their mood would allow. (Note: Most reploids do still rely on these cues to divine the emotional state of others day to day, since only overwhelming emotions or body movements provide a readable excess of mechormones.) Perhaps that would make him feel more distant and cut out from reploid culture.

But I usually say Zero cribbed the system from X because what is sweeter than being able to know X loves him without either of them having to say it? And what's more anime than those electric sparks in the air. X didn't bubble up visibly in happiness for nothing, I tells ya.

On an unrelated but very important note,
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Re: Mechormones

Date: 2015-08-02 07:29 pm (UTC)
variable_x: (blushing)
From: [personal profile] variable_x
You mean like the Transformers's personal fields? But yes, I can also rationalize it as small data packets transmitted in a very-short range (shorter than Bluetooth) mostly to indicate health (and, if infected, to spread the virus). It's less of a smell and more of a feeling, kind of receiving a lot of tweets unconsciously.

The thing about reploid IDs being very similar on mass-produced models and falling into lock-step in Hunter training? You can bet the HQ knows about that and uses it to the limit.

Mechormones on sex: I was thinking of the ability of two or more reploids to synch their reactions with each other, which means that when Zero touchs X's chest, he would feel that touch on his own chest if synch'd. It would be very overwhelming to inexperienced partners!

Also, Wily totally steals code. In the Megamissions and Xtreme2, Zero totally can get upgrades from Light Capsules (at the former case, he can receive upgrades that were meant for X). Also, in X1, if you don't get the Arm Parts, you get the Z-Buster after Zero's death. They're compatible, and even if Wily didn't steal code, he would try to do it better than Light and make Zero capable of doing everything that X can but BETTER!!!

Zero was meant to kill X, so, obviously, Wily would have known about X before building Zero. Since Wily is not a huge shitlord, he would give Zero sentience and such. It's his favorite humanoid son, FFS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Re: Mechormones

Date: 2015-08-02 08:57 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] obfuscobble
>which means that when Zero touchs X's chest, he would feel that touch on his own chest if synch'd

I'm not so keen on this ; but then I've never much been a fan of the "sparkmerging" (to use a transformers term) lite that pops up with direct connection. The whole "OOOH now our systems are fully connected and we act and feel as one and i feel you and you feel me" thing just doesn't turn me on from a sexual or storytelling perspective.
Also from a technical standpoint, this wouldn't match up with my concept of the mechormones, since the sensory information from touch isn't a command. One couldn't share that sensation without the aforementioned direct connection patching one's sensory receiver into the partner's. But if you like it for your fic? GO WILD.

Re: Mechormones

Date: 2015-08-02 09:55 pm (UTC)
variable_x: (Default)
From: [personal profile] variable_x
Oh, so that's what TF fandom means by sparkmerging! I thought it was something like DNA merging, making babies and stuff :O

And yeah, it's data, not a command. But still, I can see it used as a sex toy/kink between reploids.


Date: 2015-08-03 12:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Sigma is actually Eggman from the Sonic universe after crossing the streams and having his body fried in the process for plot reasons why not, so they had to build some of his body but fucked up and put his brain into El Gigantor robot body and made him FUCKING BARA because why the fuck not.



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