Aug. 10th, 2015

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Perhaps you've heard of the 'hanky code', a flag signalling system used by gay men in the 70's (and somewhat still in use today, although deprecated) to signal sexual preferences? Well, deniisu and I sat down and kicked around the Reploid equivalent of this code, and after much discussion and careful analysis, we present to you our findings with an invitation for you to add additional colors. ;)

Call it a fun way to mindread the secret kinks of Reploids...

Black: S&M (general)
Blue (Dark): Anal sex
Blue (Light): Oral sex
Brown: Oil Play/(reploid guro?)
Greens: Hustler/prostitution
Grey (Dark shades): Bondage (general)
Silver/pale gray: Bottom
Orange: Anything goes
Purple (all shades): Dominant/Topping
Red: Violent desires/weapons play
Yellow/gold: Switch
White: Vanilla; virgin
Magenta: Time play
Pink: Toys and peripherals

We also add a huge asterisk for X's color changes. According to the Armor Code, X's color changes DO reflect inner mental changes based on the current active weapon data - for example, note that the highly destructive Storm Tornado may emphasize X's inner dominant streak. This is not to say that X's personality destabilizes or radically changes when he changes weapons, but rather that different aspects of his personality may be emphasized or diminished as the weapon data affects his system.

Oh and: the more of a color there is on the Reploid, the more that kink is enjoyed/represented. ;D By this code, Pimp!Sigma makes perfect sense in context with his color scheme. ;D


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