Jul. 31st, 2015

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What sort of headcanons do you have for MMX? What do you think the inner workings of the Maverick Hunter base and the Mavericks are? How about some NSFW headcanons? Post them here!

Here's some of mine:

The Maverick Hunter base is highly professional, but also a tight-nit and friendly environment. With what little we do get to see, it seems that some of the hunters and navigators aren't afraid to crack jokes and be jovial. Look at Signas, Axl, and Pallette for examples. Signas, while still being their boss, takes the time to encourage hunters and tell them a good job. Axl constantly cracks smug remarks to X and Zero while he's out hunting with them. Pallette seems to like to tease Layer and her crush on Zero while they're working. They seem to act as a sort of family despite keeping their attention on work.

The Maverick virus is a huge personality and mind changer. It strengthens, but also causes Reploids (among other robots) to lose control of themselves and become mindless and violent. This makes them easily coerced if not directly mind controlled. When Sigma got infected, his thoughts went immediately to controlling and killing since that's what he remembers before becoming Maverick, thus being the 'leader' because of it. However, it can be fought in different ways and not exactly be permanent. For example, I believe that it affects both X, Axl, and Zero in different ways. X is completely immune to becoming Maverick at the cost that he'll die permanently if he's infected too much. Zero gets stronger and stronger with it, but at the cost that he'll become Maverick if he gets too much of the virus. Axl can't become Maverick, but he'll get debilitatingly ill if he's infected.

Reploids are regulated harshly by the government. For example, when Reploids die, they stay dead because they're not allowed to be rebuilt unless a human fights for it. Only certain Reploids like X are allowed to be rebuilt. (And the only reason Sigma gets rebuilt is because of the Maverick virus affecting other Reploids to rebuild him illegally.)

(NSFW Warning)

Reploids (and other robots) have two ports for sex. One is on top of their groin where their penis is and the other is lower on their groan where a port that acts like a vagina/butt is. Only specialized Reploids and robots have one or the other or have human-like genitalia. So no matter whether they are android or gynoid, the majority of Reploids/robots have these ports.
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 One of the names for our little circle of writers on Skype is "Mega Man X Knitting/Sewing Circle". So here's some required reading:

p.s. this is shitpost thread
p.p.s we need to photoshop this


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